The understanding of nature and animal behaviors has been the most promising field research domain of Artificial Intelligence. How animals process, classify and act based on the information that surrounds them is the focus of an area called Bio-inspired computing. During the evolution process, reason and intuition were vital for animals, and this success is perceived by the survival and evolution of such species.

In today’s society, intuition — which played a central role in evolution — can now bring new challenges to human beings, concerning their interpersonal relationships. The current challenges are not limited to guaranteeing their physical integrity…

In the quest to reduce the environmental impact caused by human economic and industrial activities, innovative projects have emerged to present sustainable solutions to include environmental preservation as a basic requirement. In this context, one of the main fields where it is possible to obtain significant advances is in the generation of energy, through the adoption of renewable sources.

Based on that, the non-governmental organization International Polar Foundation (IPF) based in Brussels, responsible for spreading and educating society about polar science and research, decided in 2004 to announce a project to build the first “zero-emission” greenhouse gas research station, named…

Cosme dos Santos

Master's Degree student in Energy Planning. He is a digitalization enthusiast and currently helps energy companies in the use of technologies.

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